Movie about tractor Belarus wins two silver dolphins in Cannes

Movie about tractor Belarus wins two silver dolphins in Cannes

Over 70 years, tractors Belarus traveled to 76 countries. After the success of the short film "Bread Winner" at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, MTZ tractors have become world celebrities. The CTV reporter has gone to Novosibirsk, where the authors of the movie live, in order to figure out for what their work received two silver dolphins.

Sergei Petukhov, head of protocol and advertising of Minsk Tractor Works:
The biggest difference is its capacity. This is the most powerful tractor in the classic layout. At the moment its power is 450 hp.

Now tractors under the brand Minsk Tractor Works are known almost on every continent - from America to Asia. In some countries, the Belarusian workaholic is the real measure of well-being.

In Siberia, where weather conditions are far from simple, it is the Belarusian tractor that is sometimes jokingly referred to as a local hero. And recently, this hero has featured in a corporate movie and won awards in Cannes.

This year, a record number of films - more than a thousand - took part in the Cannes festival. Applications were filed by representatives of nearly 200 countries. But it was the video about Belarusian tractors that won two awards.

In search of Belarus tractor and its owners the Novosibirsk team flew thousands of kilometers and visited 10 countries. And each time they convinced that the tractor Belarus is not a machine, but a family member. Or even more.

Olesya Barkovskaya, director of the film Bread Winner:
I was surprised that Nicaragua had a lot of Belarus tractors. It seemed to me that all the tractors in that country were "Belarus". Even the old, very rusty, painted a million times. They still work.

To shoot the Belarusian tractor against the background of Egyptian pyramids, filmmaker Piotr Pchelnikov even sacrificed his freedom for some time: the young man was taken to the prison because he was filming classified military objects. During movie shooting, the director was detained three more times! Still he gives only warm words and shows reverent attitude to the tractor.

Evgeny Barkovsky, producer of a film company:
When we were filming in Abkhazia, a head of an agricultural department said: 'When we had war in 1993, it was the only machinery that saved us. We carried the wounded and ammunition on it. We refueled it with rapeseed oil, it burned a bit, and also added heating oil, pushed it and it went. It saved lots of lives.'