Svisloch waterfront’s reconstruction: 19 months of repairs

Svisloch waterfront’s reconstruction: 19 months of repairs

The reconstruction of the left bank of Svisloch has started in Minsk. Metal constructions are being installed to enclose the territory and paving flagstone is being dismantled.

The reconstruction plan includes 100 steps. It includes replacement of a parapet, installment of new stairs and rampant, expanding bike paths. Besides the ongoing repairs of the river’s waterfront, it is planned to tidy a water area.

During the reconstruction, the barge next to the Trinity Suburb will be taken away.

According to the reconstruction plan, the recreational area will be transformed in 19 months.

Pavel Kruk, Minskvodokanal representative:
It s necessary to decrease the level of water in Svisloch to make the reconstruction possible. There are two options. If the reconstruction is during winter, it is possible to drain the stream bed in the center of the city. If the work will be done in summer, it will be necessary to install dams.