Better availability of drugs against HIV and TB: Minsk agreement

Better availability of drugs against HIV and TB: Minsk agreement

Drugs against the spread of HIV and TB will be available in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On November 3, representatives of health ministries from more than 10 states signed the so-called "Minsk statement."

It relates to preparations to ensure basic necessities, as well as reduction in their cost. By the way, Belarus has mastered the production of 9 out of the 11 known anti-TB drugs.

Luiz Loures, Assistant UN Secretary-General, Deputy Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

Belarus serves as a benchmark and an example in matters of access to medicines against tuberculosis and AIDS for the population.

You already have a fairly high level of opportunities to help those suffering from these diseases. Success in this regard is difficult to achieve without political support. Belarus does have it, and at the highest level. Suffice it to mention the oragnization of this meeting today in Minsk.

Mark Dybul, executive director of the Global Fund to Fight TB, AIDS and Malaria:
Provision of medicines is very important for all those who suffer from these ailments. This is especially important for marginalized groups.

Thus, no matter who has AIDS or tuberculosis, we must provide them with the necessary medicines and care

and also prevent further spread of the epidemic.

Let me remind you that Minsk is hosting these days meetings of doctors, representatives of the UN and the World Health Organization. One of the main objectives of the meeting is the termination of the AIDS epidemic in the world in the next 15 years.