Belarus' trade with UAE: Why $30 million is not enough?

Belarus' trade with UAE: Why $30 million is not enough?

The creation of joint ventures and the development of mutually beneficial projects, the delivery of food products and emphasis on the exchange of innovative technologies. Middle Eastern trade prospects of Belarus are now being discussed by the expert community.

The level of political and interpersonal relations between Belarus and the countries of the Persian Gulf, such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, is quite high today. But economic cooperation can definitely grow and the sides need to increase mutual trade.

The UAE know Belarusian tractors 'Belarus' since MTZ has its representative office in that country.

Elena Semak, Associate Professor, Department of International Economic Relations of the Faculty of International Relations of Belarusian State University:
Gulf countries are one of the main directions in which Belarus is developing its foreign economic relations. They, of course, need our machines, equipment, tractors, dump trucks, trucks.

These countries have begun developing their milk production. But for now they cover only 25% of the population's needs.

Therefore, we constantly supply there milk powder, and now our line of dairy products is actively expanding.

Valery Borodenya, MP of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
We have a positive balance of trade with the United Arab Emirates. We can find a lot of projects in the food industry, wood processing, chemical and construction industries.

Today, the trade between Belarus and the United Arab Emirates about $30 million.

The numbers are far from high. The President underlined this fact during his working visit to that Arab country.