Belarus is better country than USA to be a girl

Belarus is better country than USA to be a girl

The international organization Save the Children has ranked countries according to the opportunity that girls have there. Belarus is ranked higher than the USA.

The organization Save the Children promotes children’s rights all over the world. The rankings consist of 144 countries and are based on such factors as child marriage, adolescent fertility, maternal mortality (as an indicator of girls’ access to good-quality healthcare), women in parliament (relative to male MPs), and secondary school completion.

Belarus occupies the 24th place. Poland is ranked 22nd. Russia, Latvia and Lithuania weren’t in the list. Ukraine was rated 51st.

Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium are on the top of the list.

The report shows that not all wealthy countries got to the top. Australia got only the 21st place, meanwhile it is on the 2nd place in the UNDP’s Human Development Index. According to the authors of the report, it’s connected to the low amount of women in parliament and high rates of early maternity. These factors influenced the positions of Canada and the USA. America, which is the largest economy in the world, ended up 32nd in the list of Save the Children, which is lower than Belarus, Algeria and Kazakhstan. That happened because of the USA’s high rates of adolescent fertility and maternal mortality.