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Simplified visa scheme for players, fans during European Games 2019 in Belarus

Participants and fans of European Games 2019 will arrive in Belarus according to a simplified visa scheme, said Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Alexander Shamko in an interview with the ONT TV channel.

The sports official noted that during the Second European Games, Belarus will use the experience of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

"After that event we have good experience of hosting sporting events of the highest level. We will try to involve trained personnel during the II European Games in Belarus. Like two years ago, all the participants and foreign fans will be able to come to Belarus during the European Games according to a simplified visa scheme. We will try to make maximum use of all the achievements of the ice hockey World Championship," said the Minister of Sport.

He also said that 12-15 sports will be represented at the 2nd European Games.

The major sporting event will cost Belarus $40 million.

"These numbers are not large, as Belarus already has modern sports complexes and hotels. This is only organizational costs, some of them will be financed by the EOC," said Alexander Shamko.

Belarus received the right to host the Second European Games during the session of the 45th General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees, which took place on 20-22 October in Minsk.

Simplified visa scheme for players, fans at European Games 2019 in Belarus