New Zhodino mayor: I need to justify confidence

New Zhodino mayor: I need to justify confidence

Already on October 26, many of the newly appointed officials to start work. One of them is Yury Shary, who earlier was the first deputy chairman of Zhodino local executive committee, which is equivalent to being a deputy mayor.

Therefore Mr Shary knows first-hand about what needs to be done for the development of 'the city of mechanical engineering workers', as Zhodino is called in Belarus.

BelAZ, the world famous company producing giant dump trucks, is located here.

Yury Shary was earlier first deputy mayor of the city for 6 years.

Yury Shary:
I'm very tough, I demand a lot from myself, if there is a reason. I think it will give a positive result.  

The official says that one needs to solve the city's problems on city streets, rather than within the four walls.

The most vital questions in Zhodino, as in many other towns in Belarus, are traditionally the housing sector, parks, repairs and schools and kindergartens.

Yury Shary:
We will work to ensure that this type of exercise equipment is installed in each courtyard of our town.

The sports equipment was produced at one of Zhodino companies. Zhodino is ready to share this practice and idea with other cities of the country.

Speaking about his future work, Yuri Shary remains modest: "I must justify that confidence in me.”