Will Belarus abolish Centralized Testing as university entrance criterion?

Will Belarus abolish Centralized Testing as university entrance criterion?

President of Belarus took a number of personnel decisions on October 25. When appointing new heads of diplomatic missions, Alexander Lukashenko stressed the importance of developing relations with Western Europe. Changes were made to the local vertical of power.

During the appointment of the Rector of the Belarusian State University of Transport the President raised the issue of choice of profession and the centralized testing, which results are the basis for university entrance selection.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We train people in the 9th and 11th forms... But they are mere swots. Testing is a good thing on the one hand. But we lose a person, we do not see essence of a person. And here it is necessary to do something. We lose alot of guys, girls through these tests. We must see a person. We should think during this winter what to do.

The second question. We did a good deed for applicants: if a person did not score enough points and did not enter the BSU, they can apply for the Institute of Transport. What is professional orientation in this case? A person receives education and knows he will not work as an engineer. Is there such a problem? Yes. A person must know from school that he will be, for example, a journalist. And he should know he will be earning his living being a journalist. We will have to look at the selection to some specialties in certain universities. And you will have to think too, you will not avoid it.

Also during the October 25 appointments, the President gave his concent to appoint heads of a variety of organizations and institutions: from the Ministry of Justice to the broadcaster of the Union State.