Population census 2019 in Belarus. What questions may be asked?

Population census 2019 in Belarus. What questions may be asked?

A population census will be held in Belarus in October 2019. The corresponding decree was signed on October 24 by the head of state. The large-scale campaign will be conducted for the third time in the history of the sovereign Belarus. Forms have already been prepared for the upcoming census.

Belarusians will answer not only the basic questions of the place of residence, income and life conditions, but also new, dictated by time.

By tradition, citizens will be visited at home by recorders with branded suitcases. In addition, those Belarusians who wish can come to special stations to fill in the forms.

To fill census forms Belarusians will be able to use tablets for the first time. It is expected that in order to work out the new techniques, a trial census will be held in the town of Molodechno in 2017.

Inna Medvedeva, Chairwoman of the National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Census questionnaires we will be immediately uploaded to tablets, which will be issued to the census staff.

20% of this census list will be pre-filled with information from the population register.

The other 80% will have to be filled by each Belarusian.

The population census is an important tool of social and economic forecasting in any state. These demographic data are needed to competently decide on the construction of schools and roads, the development of the budget, allocation of funds for health care, culture and sport.

In Belarus, this large-scale campaign is held every 10 years.