President Lukashenko promises support for creation of Polish enterprises in Belarus


President Lukashenko promises support for creation of Polish enterprises in Belarus

New points of growth in trade turnover between Belarus and Poland were discussed at the meeting between President Alexander Lukashenko with Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Development and Finance of Poland.

In addition, Poland can become Belarus' "guide" to the WTO and assist in promotion of electricity from the Ostrovets NPP in the European Union.

At a joint business forum, the sides voiced an intention to raise the turnover to $4 billion.

Since the beginning of 2016, the trade turnover with Poland has risen by 10%. In 2015, the country was in 7th place among the states that fund the Belarusian economy. In 2016, it is expected that direct investments from Poland will exceed $200 million.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
In economy, we have not lost contacts as we have done in politics. However, this threshold should be lifted very high. Of course, only economy can be the foundation of these relations. We probably don't have any other option.

Because it is economy that is of major interest; here the power of states and the well-being of the peoples is concentrated. We are interested in the establishment of joint ventures. If you have such a desire we will provide every support for the creation here of Polish enterprises or Belarusian-Polish joint ventures.

I think Poland would be interested in the reciprocal steps for Belarus.

Mateusz Morawiecki, deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Development and Finance of the Republic of Poland:
Trade and economic cooperation is a good basis for the development of cooperation in other areas.

Poland is a border country helping the EU enter eastern markets, while Belarus is a border country for the members of the Eurasian Economic Union wishing to enter western markets.

We could use this peculiarity mutually, including when it comes to the "Silk Way" initiative. Before the meeting with you today, we talked about Belarusian tractors and Belarusian cement supplies to Poland.

At a meeting with Prime Minister of Belarus the Polish delegation spoke about the exchange of experience in accession to the World Trade Organization.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
We have analyzed in detail all our possible directions. We have set a goal: in the next 2 years we will bring trade turnover to $4 billion. Mr. Morawiecki is right when he says that

our borders is a big gateway from West to East and vice versa, and we must use this geopolitical situation in full.

Questions were raised that hinder business on our part or on the part of our neighbors. We have given orders for the removal of these barriers.

At the business forum, the sides, about 500 participants, have agreed on the possible implementation of a number of projects. This is the possible creation of a wind farm in the Grodno region, a tennis center in Minsk, shopping complexes and the production of yogurt in Grodno, and a furniture factory in the Mogilev region.

The Belarusian-Polish IPO center is going to be established in two years. Enterprises will be able to place their shares on domestic stock exchanges and get money for development.

Kazimierz Zdunowski, chairman of the Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
Cheap money are based on resources of stock exchanges. But we must enter these exchanges. Of course, not today and not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow… why not?

Second, we would like to sign a memorandum on the modernization of tram cars in Vitebsk.

This has been prepared. This is investment with the use of international funds.

Work has begun on the establishment of facilities to produce MAZ trucks in Poland.

MTZ invests in the development of its own projects too. Potentially Poland is a promising partner for Belarus. By the way, the Catholic confession in Belarus is the second largest after the Orthodox.

Geographically, Poland is the closest major partner of the EU.

Henrik Sedmok, head of an enterprise producing building materials:
We have built three large plants in Grodno, the total cost is 25-30 million euros. Not only cement, but also gypsum and bituminous materials. We are very pleased that our business is growing very well here. I tell everyone that Belarus is a good country for investment.

Photo: Official Internet portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus