Origin of names of Minsk’s streets

Origin of names of Minsk’s streets

Some historic event could become a reason to change a name of a street. 

For instance, Kirill and Mefody Street could show us which significant events took place in Minsk. As it was several centuries ago, the street was located between the Holy Spirit Cathedral and former Catholic Church of Saint Joseph. Now it is the State Archive. Both of the buildings belonged to Bernardine monasteries, that’s why the street was called Big Bernardine Street. Later, after the uprising of Kastuś Kalinoŭski, it became Monastery Street in 1866. Later, the street was once again named Bernardine Street. That happened in the 1920s. Finally, in 1990, the street gets the name of Kirill and Mefody, brothers who became the first translators of religious books from Greek to Old Slavonic.

In the historic center of Minsk, along Svislach, Zybitskaya Street is situated. The street got its name because it was situated in a very low flimsy ground. Later, people started to trade there a lot. That’s why until the beginning of the 21st century it had a name of Trade Street. Only in 2010, the street returned its historic name.

The first name of Internatsionalnaya Street was Volotskaya Street. The street got the name because people had to take the things that were deliver by boats up to the Upper City. The street was named Internatsionalnaya Street in 1922.

All these streets are decorated with historic plates. The Ministry of Culture plans to place such historic plates on 16 streets of Minsk by the end of 2016.