The only trumpet signalman works in Grodno

The only trumpet signalman works in Grodno

Every day trumpet player from the orchestra of Grodno Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Dmitry Kisel climbs a 33-meter fire tower to perform his duty.

The view from that tower is amazing in any season.

Dmitry is a local celebrity. Even though not all Grodno citizens know him by sight, it’s impossible to imagine the city without the sound of his trumpet.

He works without day offs informing citizens that everything is calm in the city.

The tradition when firefighters play trumpet on the top of a tower appeared in the 19th century in the Russian Empire. Back then, there was a system of signals in large cities. There was a signalman on the tower. If he saw a fire, he would put red flags. In case of an accident,  he would ring the bell.

In Grodno, the idea to return such a tradition appeared in 2009 during the opening of the museum of firefighters, that has an old tower of the 19th century. This tower is situated on the territory of a present fire station No. 1.