First laparoscopic liver surgery in Belarus

First laparoscopic liver surgery in Belarus

Doctors from Vitebsk together with military surgeons from Saint Petersburg conducted a unique surgery.

It’s the first time the laparoscopic surgery on liver has been performed in Belarus. The performed the surgery on the patient with cirrhosis for 4 hours.

Earlier, a patient with the same diagnosis was advised to do an abdominal surgery.

Laparoscopy is a minimal invasive surgery, almost without any cuts, which means that a patient has less risk to suffer from blood loss and the risk of complications after surgery reduces.

Valery Denisenko, doctor of Vitebsk Clinical Hospital No.2:
A patient can walk on the second or third day after the surgery. On the seventh day, he is released from hospital. It’s not abdominal surgeries that have a great deal of complications.

Bogdan Kotiv, deputy of the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy (Russia):
It’s good for patients who can’t survive a liver transplantation, for senile people, for people who have diabetes or heart diseases.