Innovations plus integration: Belarus, Russia developing cooperation in military-technical sphere


Innovations plus integration: Belarus, Russia developing cooperation in military-technical sphere

Belarus and Russia will continue to develop military-technical cooperation focusing on modernization and innovations. The corresponding document was approved on October 20 by an intergovernmental commission.

This workshop at the aviation repair plant in Baranovichi was built for the company's own means but the main difference is in equipment. The equipment installed here is of high precision. This means that parts can be manufactured for any order. The product range is impressive: from small gears up to 6-meter models. The shop works in two shifts and the first trial order to Russian aircraft plants has already received positive reviews.

Alexander Volynchuk, workshop foreman, 558th Aircraft Repair Plant:
Now we are engaged in the development and study of contracts with Russian companies. We produce aircraft such as Superjet and MS-21.

A trial batch of MS-21 aircraft has been delivered to Ulyanovsk. We have very good feedback on the quality and timing of production.

The enterprise's specialization is the modernization of aviation equipment.

Unmanned aircraft systems is the pride of Belarusian military industry. Belarus is among the world's leaders in the development of this direction of aircraft. Berkuts and Shershens are known in Europe and overseas. This development has attracted Russian colleagues immediately. This launcher for the unmanned vehicle takes the firing position in 30 minutes. By the way, Belarus and Russian constantly join their efforts in joint aviation projects. Take for example training Yak-130.

The details are from Russia and combat adaptation is Belarusian.

Alexander Fomin, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation:
To date, the portfolio of orders between the two countries in the framework of military-technical cooperation alone is solid enough. It is constantly being updated and enforced.

The document signed today is the basis for future joint projects. The advanced technologies to be used and the amounts of money earmarked for the project are classified. But it is known that

the Belarusian side will continue to upgrade and repair aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems. It will also supply components and finished products to the major Russian military industry companies. And vice versa.

Sergei Gurulev, Chairman of the State Military and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
We have not seen any significant problems over the 25 years of cooperation. We always step up of efforts and work. There is great hope that we will move forward. And we do that.