Six independent French photographers in Belarus on photo tour

Six independent French photographers in Belarus on photo tour

French independent photographers have come to Belarus with a photo tour. Six people, all of them have made a name in global photo art, visited the places where Napoleon once stayed and enjoyed the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. On October 20 they will be present at a rehearsal at the Opera House.

Mathieu, photographer (France):
I was very surprised by the city. Minsk is very modern. On the way to Minsk, we have seen a lot of forests. In France, you won't see such a thing. We have mountains and hills. What villages! I've made almost a thousand shots.

Jean-Marie, photographer (France):
Here in this Art Museum, we can learn more about Belarusian culture. In addition, I am also interested in who the visitors are. It gives life to paintings, the way people look at them.

The French also tasted Belarusian cuisine. Pancakes, mashed potatoes and chicken. Lunch was eaten in 5 minutes. They were surprised at the black bread.

I've not seen more black bread in my life! You know, there is only white bread in France. And this one is very delicious.

And this is Mogilev. Weaving Museum at one of the textile enterprises. Carel is admiring Lenin.

The well-known photographer was told about the Soviet leader by his grandmother.

She immigrated to Europe a hundred years ago.

Carel, photographer (France):
This is very interesting, because it's the history of your country.

The guests visited some Belarusian stores.

The photographers seem to have found what you were looking for: and no - it's not cheese. This is buckwheat.

Karel De Gendre:
This cereal is rarely found in France, since the French do not like buckwheat porridge.