Alexander Lukashenko observes officers' examination at training site

Alexander Lukashenko observes officers' examination at training site

The system of military training in Belarus should be improved and more teachers with practical experience should be attracted. This assignment was given by President Alexander Lukashenko who met with the leadership of the Belarusian Armed Forces.

The President visited the training site Obuz-Lesnovsky on October 19. Alexander Lukashenko noted that it is necessary to assess the level of training of officers in more detail and taking into account the realities of the time.

Today, the professionalism of the military staff corresponds with the threats of today’s world. However, it’s necessary to be always prepared. The world is not calm today. Belarus is at the crossroads of geopolitical interests, that’s why the Commander-in-Chief should constantly check the military preparedness. The President monitors the Belarusian Army two times a year.

The Army is also focused on teaching new specialists. There are about 123 specializations. However, there are things that need improvement.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I will not deny that this training system exists, but what we have not reformed it for a long time, we have not adopted it to modern warfare, it is a fact. Our general staff departments, especially at the operational, strategic level... Probably, we are preparing too many specialists in this field. As the military jokingly say, there are too many strategists. We don't need too many strategists. We have problems with the timing and training programs and instructors. We need to look at teachers. We must take trained teachers, those who can teach people what is necessary in the war. In the State Secretariat, we must establish a group of experts and analyze everything, to clean out the unnecessary from our curricula, make terms of training sane, so that people do not come to the university to have a rest, and we must also look at distance learning: do we need it? It is necessary to prepare in optimal time, according to an optimal curriculum.

The Army should be modern and mobile, and it should lean on the officer staff.

The Head of State has a lot of expectations in that sphere. The Defense Ministry agrees with that. Drills, trainings, military games help to improve the level of training of Belarusian military staff.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The most scary part and what I hate the most is formalism. I have the army at my fingertips. You need to make it possible to test officers. I don’t say that they should be wunderkinds. I know what kind of an officer you should have. He can run himself, jump, do chin-ups and teach soldiers.

Belarus achieved great results in the field of training military staff. Our Belarusian soldiers are on the same level as soldiers from large countries. That was proved at numerous international military competitions.

The training is held in the field. However, the conditions provided for soldiers are comfortable. There was a tour organized for the President. He tried the food prepared for soldiers. The President was shown the firing range where soldiers are taking their exams on their military preparedness.

Alexander Lukashenko was shown the new modernized Mi-8 helicopter. Belarus purchased 12 such modern flying machines.

Drills, tactical and theoretical classes, more than a hundred events are held in Belarus and abroad.

The military sphere is very important in a modern world. Besides, Belarus has an image of a peacekeeper, and has participated as a ground for resolution of war conflicts in neighboring countries.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The main thing is to remove formalism. I've already tried it myself and I see what the situation is. The Secretary of State with his guys is mobile. If we have poor staff we need to learn and improve. It is necessary to prepare for the real military action. No one wants a war but we must be ready for it every day. We are men, after all, aren't we?

Today’s examination of officers is not an exception moment. They are always keeping themselves in a good shape. A strong and modern army is the key to the security and independence of the state.