CSTO Summit in Yerevan: results of Presidents’ talks


CSTO Summit in Yerevan: results of Presidents’ talks

The CSTO was established to ensure the security. However, the alliance was created long time before the events that took place in Syria, the Middle East or Ukraine. Today, it is necessary to strengthen the security of the countries. The ways to do that were discussed during the summit that was held in Yerevan.

The Presidents of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan participated in the summit.

Armenia knows firsthand that the world is unstable. In April, 2016, military actions were renewed in Nagorno-Karabakh. There is no ongoing armed conflict in the region at the moment, but the situation is unstable.

The key topic of the summit is the strategy of collective security until 2025. The main question is how to maintain peace and security on the territory of the alliance. There are a lot of issues to be worried about like an unstable situation near the borders of the CSTO, the Syrian conflict, the war in Ukraine and threat of global terrorism.

Vladimir Bazanov, deputy of the House of Representatives of Belarus:
Terrorism is one of the main problems that the CSTO and the whole world is facing. I think the humanity understands that and we need to act all together. If we don’t destroy it in its bud, it will be much harder to do it later. Europe has already experienced it.

During the meeting, the Presidents agreed to create new list of fringe groups. In addition, it was decided to establish a crisis management to provide operational communications between military and special services of the countries.

Earlier, the CSTO didn’t present itself as a world’s player and didn’t interfere with other countries’ business. Now NATO decided to increase its influence in the region.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We noted everything: nobody wanted to recognize CSTO, especially NATO didn't want this. I listened to this talk and thought: if we ask them to recognize us, they will never do that. We need to do something that makes then recognize us. And we discussed many other questions. Therefore, we have agreed that we, with Nikolai Bordyuzha, will assign a group of our military personnel, not only military. And working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we will involve experts from the Russian Federation (in the first place) and other states. And we need to formulate good priorities so that our organization comes to a fairly serious level. So that it is respected. We don't need someone to fear us, but we need respect.

The organization has very worthy armed forces. Regular joint military exercises demonstrate proves their capability.

The meeting was very productive. The heads managed to discuss 20 issues, most of which were discussed in private. One of the results of the meetings is Belarus assuming the chairmanship of the CSTO. Partners are confident that the CSTO will benefit from Belarus’ Presidency.

There was just one unresolved question left. The leaders couldn’t decide on the name of the new Secretary General of the CSTO. The decision was postponed until next meeting in Saint Petersburg.