President of Belarus inspects army officers' training


President of Belarus inspects army officers' training

The system of military training in Belarus should be improved and more teachers with practical experience should be attracted. This assignment was given by President Alexander Lukashenko who met with the leadership of the Belarusian Armed Forces.

The President visited the training site Obuz-Lesnovsky October 19.

Professional and job training, the ability to lead your comrades in the fight and hit the target perfectly, drive tanks and show excellent physical preparation... Alexander Lukashenko noted that it is necessary to assess the level of training of officers in more detail and taking into account the realities of the time.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The main thing is to remove formalism. I've already tried it myself and I see what the situation is. The Secretary of State with his guys is mobile. If we have poor staff we need to learn and improve.

It is necessary to prepare for the real military action. No one wants a war but we must be ready for it every day. We are men, after all, aren't we?

The President got acquainted with shooting classes and tank and small arms drills. Then officers showed their skill of driving military vehicles.

At the firing range, Alexander Lukashenko was shown the new modernized Mi-8 helicopter. Belarus purchased 12 such modern flying machines, 6 of which are already in service.

The training site Obuz-Lesnovsky is more than 10 hectares of woodland, where you can shoot from virtually all types of tank and artillery weapons. At this firing range, officers can hone driving skills and marksmanship and cooperation in defensive and offensive combat.