Belarus needs to improve military training system, President Lukashenko says


Belarus needs to improve military training system, President Lukashenko says

It is necessary to improve the military training system in Belarus. This assignment was given by President Alexander Lukashenko who met with the leadership of the Belarusian Armed Forces. Officers of the Belarusian army are training near Baranovichi October 19.

Professional and job training, the ability to lead your comrades in the fight and to hit the target perfectly, drive tanks and show excellent physical preparation. At the same time, it is important that an officer can teach his subordinates, the President stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I will not deny that this training system exists, but what we have not reformed it for a long time, we have not adopted it to modern warfare, it is a fact. Our general staff departments, especially at the operational, strategic level... Probably, we are preparing too many specialists in this field. As the military jokingly say, there are too many strategists. We don't need to many strategists. We have problems with the timing and training programs and instructors. We need to look at teachers. We must take trained teachers, those who can teach people what is necessary in the war. I've sent a letter to you. In the State Secretariat, we must establish a group of experts and analyze everything, to clean out the unnecessary from our curricula, make terms of training sane, so that people do not come to the university to have a rest, and we must also look at distance learning: do we need it? What can you learn from home? It is necessary to prepare in optimal time, according to an optimal curriculum.

One can check the level of vocational and job training of officers at so-called Field Academy. This is how the 230th Obuz-Lesnaya Training Ground is widely known. This is more than 10 hectares of woodland, where you can shoot from virtually all types of tank and artillery weapons. Here the President was shown the advantage of new Mi-8 helicopters. These helicopters are considered among the best in the world.