Belarus-Russian joint drills underway near Brest


Belarus-Russian joint drills underway near Brest

Large-scale joint military exercises of paratroopers of Russia and Belarus are now underway at the firing range Brestsky. Today is the active phase. 900 soldiers of the two countries work out the destruction of illegal armed groups in the border area. More than 150 pieces of equipment are involved.

The drills include life in the field, overcoming water barriers and landing from aircraft and helicopters, including at night.

The exercises are as close as possible to the real combat situation.

Such exercises these days are taking place in Ryazan too. The Russians work on the same tasks together with Vitebsk paratroopers.

Andrei Vlasenko, commander of 382nd separate airborne assault battalion of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
The hardest part is to take control section of the state border, because of terrain and because the conditional enemy will also work to his maximum capabilities.