Alexander Lukashenko meets with Tatarstan president Rustam Minnikhanov

Alexander Lukashenko meets with Tatarstan president Rustam Minnikhanov

Industry, construction and innovation are the areas that should play the main role in economic cooperation between Belarus and Tatarstan, said Alexander Lukashenko October 18 meeting with the head of the republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

In recent years, the bilateral trade has fallen slightly in value terms , in 2015 by a quarter. The sides posted a trade of $878 million. However, the potential for economic cooperation is much higher. And, by the way, the physical volumes of trade continue to show good dynamism.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our bilateral relations are, of course, extensive and diverse in nature. By the volume of mutual trade with Belarus, Tatarstan is among the top ten regions of Russia. Although, of course, in recent years, as generally in the trade between Belarus and Russia, we have seen a decline here. Nevertheless, we have the potential to catch up. I am sure that today's visit of your delegation to Belarus will give a strong impetus to this process.
An important area is cooperation in the oil and gas sector. You know we have a good company Belorusneft. We would like our company to have more orders in your republic. Believe me, it will be much cheaper than the services of any other company.
The main directions of the further growth is engineering industry, construction, and innovations. And we have something to take from each other in agriculture, despite the fact that Tatarstan has a high level of agricultural production. Promising are cooperation ties in the automotive industry, the production of automotive components, participation of our Belstankoinstrument holding company in the modernization of machinery equipment at your enterprises. I think that delivery to your republic of Belarusian passenger, freight, utilities and road building equipment, including that running on natural gas, will help us to restore trade volumes. Now Belarus and Russia are developing this area seriously. Especially since it gives savings of up to 30% in terms of fuel alone. This is a good effect.
Given the high rates of housing construction and infrastructure projects in Tatarstan there are good opportunities for cooperation in the construction industry.

Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan:
The destinations you have voiced, in fact, have a great future. But we must not confine ourselves only to these projects. They must be preserved, of course. The Elevators project. We do a lot of housing repairs and we build a lot. And you rightly said that we should not confine ourselves to only the contours of Tatarstan; it is necessary to see the Russian market. In fact, your elevators are modern and are competitive in terms of price and quality.
Next topic, a big topic. We are a petroleum and oil refining republic. Thank you very much for the support that we receive. We have 17 petrol stations today. We are ready to build four more modern stations. Your oil workers are real professionals. And at the same time have a competitive price. We will give orders for the provision of services.

Belarus and Tatarstan have assembly facilities of Belarusian machinery in Russia as well as commodity distribution networks helping popularize Belarusian products. Belarus exports tractors, tractors, automotive components to Tatarstan and imports crude oil, petroleum products and products for making sauces.

During the visit, the delegation from Tatarstan will visit several Belarusian enterprises, including Belkommunmash, Minsk Motor Plant and the High-Tech Park.

The Republic of Tatarstan is a part of the Russian Federation. The foreign trade turnover of the republic is more than $5 billion.