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Eve Cornelious to perform in Minsk

Semyon Shapchets, producer of the project International Jazz in Minsk, has come to the studio of the TV program Morning. Studio of Good Mood together with jazz singer Eve Cornelious.

Minsk, a city with decent jazz traditions, has a welcoming audience who wish to listen to the best New York jazz singers.

Eve, we know that you’ve come into music thanks to a TV show. Is it true?

Eve Cornelious:
I said that this is true, partially. I become due to performing, travelling, teaching, recording, CDs and radio and of course TV. All kinds of different ways.

Who helped you discover jazz?

Eve Cornelious:
Good question. At first I just wanted to sing, not jazz. Then I met jazz musicians, they gave me albums, not CDs. The first one who impressed me was Billie Holiday.

We know that Jazz Times called you an inheritor of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. Have you ever met them or sung with them?

Eve Cornelious:
I met Ella Fitzgerald before her death. And another lady of the same level, not inferior to Ella or Sarah Vaughan – this is Carmen McRae. But I studied all of them, their style, manners and all this stuff. But then I came to my own style.

Could you name a country where people love jazz the most?

Eve Cornelious:
(Laughing) Jazz came from America. But I must say that musicians are good all over the world.

You did not name Belarus (laughing). Well, did you hear anything about Belarus before coming here with a concert?

Eve Cornelious:
Of course. Seven or eight years ago I visited Belarus and performed at the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk.

I would like to note that earlier many Belarusians migrated to America and many of them have become part of the cultural elite of the country. So we are all waiting for your performance here, and this is a good thing that you’ve come!

Eve Cornelious:
You know, America is a country where you can come and do what you want!

Eve Cornelious singing It Could Happen To You (please watch video)

Eve Cornelious gives interview prior to her concert in Minsk