Security and peace: CSTO Summit held in Yerevan


Security and peace: CSTO Summit held in Yerevan

Belarus has acquired the Presidency in the CSTO. This happened during the summit of the CSTO in Yerevan. The CSTO is an international organization that, according to some experts, can stand against NATO in case of the Third World War. However, such alliances are established in order to stop wars from happening. More than 20 documents were signed during the meeting. Most of the documents are kept in secret as they are related to security. Yuliya Beshanova will tell us about what is known.

Soldiers who had been trained in the best military units of the Commonwealth countries. Trendy aircraft, tanks and missiles. The fight against extremism, terrorism and drug trafficking.

Today no one argues about the necessity of the CSTO. Leaders of the military-political bloc understand that such a coalition is essential to the Commonwealth.

The CSTO is perhaps the main structure that ensures peace and security in the post-Soviet space. The Collective Security Treaty unites Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan.

Dmitry Peskov, deputy head of the Presidential Administration:
We see very aggressive actions, potentially unpredictable actions of our partners both from the west and the south. And so of course, the presidency promises to be rich in terms of content. We are absolutely confident in our Belarusian partners, we hope Belarus will adequately perform these functions.

The meeting of the CSTO Council members is held once a year. There, the leaders discuss alarming challenges faced by our nations.

At the forefront is now the international situation. The world is unstable, and security in Central Asia is constantly exposed to threats, both external and internal. There are several explanations: instability in Nagorno-Karabakh, attempts to expand the network of terrorist provocations and so-called "Islamic State" as well as the conflict in Syria. Plus the difficult situation in the former Soviet Union in connection with the war in Ukraine. All this requires clear and unified position of the leaders.

The CSTO members are also concerned about US and NATO's plans for a unilateral deployment of anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense. The meeting participants also touched on the issue of NATO's forces approaching the CSTO borders. Contacts with NATO are quite poor. Many agreement as befits a security organization, have remained behind closed doors.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We noted everything: nobody wanted to recognize CSTO, especially NATO didn't want this. I listened to this talk and thought: if we ask them to recognize us, they will never do that. We need to do something that makes then recognize us. And we discussed many other questions. Therefore, we have agreed that we, with Nikolai Bordyuzha, will assign a group of our military personnel, not only military. And working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we will involve experts from the Russian Federation (in the first place) and other states. And we need to formulate good priorities so that our organization comes to a fairly serious level. So that it is respected. We don't need someone to fear us, but we need respect.

In view of recent developments and the situation on the external borders of the CSTO the summit participants raised the questions of better and a more operational military cooperation. The organization has very worthy armed forces. Regular joint military exercises demonstrate that the CSTO is ready for any negative scenarios.

Igor Petrishenko, Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty Organization:
Each country determines which units it allocates for the international peacekeeping component. We would like the CSTO to participate in peacekeeping operations, along with other classic international organizations dealing with international security issues.

The summit approved a plan of joint activities connected with operational and combat training in 2017.A crisis management center will be established to provide operational communications.

Serzh Sargsyan, President of the Republic of Armenia:
We signed a joint decision on the concept of the development of a system of joint training of military personnel, as well as on standardization of weapons and military equipment in the framework of the CSTO. The purpose of these documents is to make military and military-technical cooperation more substantial.

This year the list of threats that require the attention of heads of CSTO member states includes more than 20 questions. The main is the collective security strategy until 2025. It was developed by the Belarusian side. Approving the concept, the colleagues stressed that in solving problems one needs to give priority to diplomatic methods.

The main intrigue of the Yerevan meeting - the name of the new secretary general of the organization - has not yet been resolved. The candidacy will be discussed during the next meeting at the end of the year in St. Petersburg. Belarus has assumed the chairmanship of the CSTO. Official Minsk has always stood for the strengthening of the role of the CSTO in collective security.