Safety on streets and at home: Are Belarusians prepared for emergencies?

Safety on streets and at home: Are Belarusians prepared for emergencies?

The world has become more dangerous, or it seems like it due to mass media. We listen to the information presented by mass media on radio in our cars, we keep up with latest news with the help of computers and smartphones. All this banners, screens, sometimes a neighbor or a friend share a piece of news or two. Usually this news is really disturbing. Even without a maniac with a saw, we hear a lot of scary news about terrorist attacks, missing planes, about floods, earthquakes, and fires that destroy cities and towns. The list is endless. Are we prepared for such emergency situations? People live very peacefully in Belarus, and as a result, the instinct of self-preservation is not that sharp. Anastasia Benedisyuk continues the topic.

Valentina Vapaeva:
Here is an overshoe that I put on the socket to be safe from the storm. I was taught to do this from childhood.

Not only folk art, but also safety basics become a word of mouth... During storm, you are not allowed to use metal spoons, says Valentina, aged 80.

Valentina Vapaeva:
It is not recommended to approach windows during the storm when lightning strikes. Windows attract the lightning. Even when you go out on the street with an umbrella, the umbrella is also a "lightning attractor".

She saw herself and heard from others how lightning destroyed homes, people suffered. In the confrontation with the storm, Vapaeva continues, all means are good, including those proven by science. Because when weather is bad, the woman stays at home.

More recently, the guide to the natural world for all Belarusians already launched and profile department. The Belarusian Ministry of Emergency Situations has recently released an app and it's been already downloaded about 30,000 times. One application holds all preventive information, and a map of adverse events. Your phone, even without Internet connection, starts showing daily notifications about the situation outside.

Belarus is not in the seismic zone, but who knows where the Earth shakes next time.

The basics of life safety are studied by small Belarusians even in primary school. But what is interesting: kids don't get marks for this subject. During lessons they learn how to do artificial respiration, how to put out a fire etc.

Everyone knows 911 from American movies but does it work in Belarus? Yes, it does, because all numbers (101, 102 and 103) are interconnected.

Alexander Goncharov:
I saw a spark on the wire. The tablecloth already started burning. There was a jug of water in the kitchen, I pulled the wire out of the socket and began to pour cloth with water.

This guy is about 10 years old but he already knows the algorithm: call fire service 101 first, then call mom and at the same time battle the blaze. Rescuers arrived when the heat source had already been removed.

These girls are young rescuers too. However, they fought against a human, not the elements. Returning home from a walk, they suddenly saw the horrific scene: a man beating a pensioner.

Elena Kazak and Ekaterina Shturo:
Angelina ran to help the old man, while Katya and I ran after the offender. We caught him.

They are 2nd year students of a Minsk college! For what they did they will receive a gratitude from law enforcement officers. Belarus has dozens of sports schools where people are taught not only various sports but also self-defense.

Coaches are professional athletes and anyone can become a student! The youngest, by the way, is only 8. His dad, an engineer by profession, does not miss a single lesson.

Anton Nazarenko, athlete, self-defense coach:
Sports is not just technique. This helps to avoid conflicts in difficult situations.

A shopping center. The very heart of the capital. A week ago, one woman managed to escape from a guy armed with an ax and a chainsaw because of her physical training.

Vladimir Yanchuk, Doctor of Psychology, Professor:
I have always been against sprinkling ashes upon one's head if something happens. It can happen everywhere. A society thinking about the future should draw conclusions from these lessons.

The year 1999. Anastasia was only 10 at that time. There was a big holiday in Minsk. But suddenly...

Anastasia Kolesnik:
I remember these drops that just flew like a bullet, and punched the ground. After a few seconds, there was a wall of rain.

Thousands of people then rushed to the Nemiga subway station to escape from the elements. The crowd, panic ... 53 people were crushed and 154 injured. Anastasia's mom was then lucky: they were one of the first to run to the subway and were pushed to the wall. This saved their lives.

Anastasia Kolesnik:
Influence of the crowd is very strong. It is very difficult to maintain composure.

This girl is only 24 and joined this pawnshop two months ago. When the girl saw the robber, she did not panic and then pressed the alarm button (see the video for footage).

Listen only: every minute, 100 people die in the world. 35 hourly become someone's executioner (this is about armed conflicts). We lose a person in attacks every minute even in civilian life. We are talking about the United States, Mexico, Brazil... And occasionally, this happens even in Belarus.