Andrei Kobyakov’s working visit: examples of industrial recovery

Andrei Kobyakov’s working visit: examples of industrial recovery

The agricultural industry of Belarus is expecting a financial recovery. A number of the President’s decrees include precise measures. Ministries, banks and agricultural enterprises are working hard on that matter.

On October 14, the situation in the Gomel district was reviewed on a particular example.

The development of joint enterprise Mikhailovskoye-Agro is slowed down because of its old debts. Annually, the enterprise pays back about 1 billion rubles. The terms of the debt payment will be changed after December 1.

Vladimir Cherenok, head of enterprise Mikhailovskoye-Agro:
The debt is 74 billion rubles. The delay of payment for 5 years will let us follow the business plan. We need to invest money in modern technologies. If there is technology, there is progress.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of Belarus:
This fundamental decision will allow us to take the situation in the agricultural sphere to the point where agricultural enterprises will perform better.

One more topic that was constantly criticized by the President is the upgrading of woodworking enterprises. According to experts, there are some improvements.

Despite having some problems, modern Belarusian enterprises are gradually reaching their planned performance.