Belarus and EU renew trade dialogue

Belarus and EU renew trade dialogue

Belarus and the European Union have resumed the dialogue on trade. On October 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus hosted the first round of talks.

The parties declared their intention to increase the trade turnover. As noted by the head of the EU Delegation in Belarus, it is European companies that are primarily interested in trade with our country. Andrea Victorin emphasized that the conversation took place in a warm atmosphere, and today one can say about the warming of relations between Belarus and the European Union.

Andrea Wiktorin, head of the European Union delegation to the Republic of Belarus:
European companies are interested in trade with Belarus, our neighbor. And I think that we now have a new tool in our hands.

We will establish a dialogue: meet twice a year and discuss emerging issues and find a solution to all open issues.

Andrei Yevdochenko, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
For quite some time the Belarusian textile has been limited by quotas in the European Union. Today, together with our European partners, we are working to remove this non-tariff restriction.

2017 will be the first year in recent times the Belarusian textiles and clothing will be supplied to the EU market without any restrictions.