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Belarus celebrating Mother's Day October 14

Belarus is celebrating Mother's Day. This holiday has a more than 20 years of history in Belarus and has its own traditions. Usually on this day, Belarusians congratulate their mothers and do not skimp on good words and deeds in honor of those who gives life.

Belarus is one of the few countries of the former Soviet Union where the Order of Mother is presented. It is given to moms who gave birth to and raised five or more children. There are about 8,000 of such women in Belarus.

The President of Belarus wished mothers health and lifetime beauty. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that every person associates mother with the warmest feelings, bright and happy memories.

Maternity embodies the best human qualities - dedication and generosity, caring for others and adherence to high moral duty, spirituality and morality, which our society desperately needs today, noted the President in his congratulatory message.

Mother's Day celebrated in Belarus