Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus ready to cooperate with Kurgan region in all directions

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus ready to cooperate with Kurgan region in all directions

Belarus is ready to cooperate with the Kurgan region in all areas, said the Belarus President meeting with the governor of the Russian region Alexei Kokorin on 13 October. Mutual trade turnover figures are modest: a little more than $20 million. Therefore, there is much space for further cooperation.

The sides could collaborate in the agricultural sector. Kurgan Oblast is known as an agricultural region. There is a huge state support of agriculture there. The region has large-scale modernization plans. In addition, Belarus intends to develop contacts in the field of industrial cooperation.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Belarus is ready to cooperate with your region on all matters. I know about your weighty state support of agriculture, large-scale modernization plans. Kurgan region is a granary, one of the foundations of the Russian Federation in the agricultural sector. Therefore

we are ready to cooperate with you to help you solve the issues you have identified in the agricultural complex.

Naturally, we will help based on what we can do. Life long ago came up with standard technologies in this sector.

With great pleasure I have recently heard from my colleague and friend, the Russian President, that Russia should start creating good social environment for villagers. This is absolutely right because, without creating conditions, you will not solve problems.

I think we can both borrow something from each other in the updating of tractor fleet, the development of rural settlements, agricultural science. But the most important: together we can come to some new discoveries, results.

If Kurgan region wants to cooperate with us in this regard and to get acquainted with our agrarian science, methods, structures, systems we are ready to show you everything since you're not strangers.

Alexey Kokorin, governor of Kurgan region of the Russian Federation:
I absolutely agree with all the areas you have voiced. Tractor is in great demand by our farmers. Our region has bought a sufficiently large number of tractors. But recently we've seen complete absence of service. In this regard, there are some difficulties.

We have a unique medical institution - the Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center. They are working closely with your orthopedic center for scientific research. We can also deepen relations here. These R&D institutions are among the best in the world.