Embroidery on wood in Belarus (photos)

Embroidery on wood in Belarus (photos)

Students and teachers of one of local schools in the Brest district have begun reviving an unusual craft.

In the village of Vialikija Radvaničy, schoolchildren make embroideries on... wood.

The central theme of the patterns is Belarusian ornament. Everything is made of wood without any fabric. Among wooden items are spoons, plates, boxes, and even clocks. This craft was once considered the pinnacle of needlework. Craftsmen handed down secrets of their skills from generation to generation.

Tatiana Panasik, high school student, village Vialikija Radvaničy:
I am interested in embroidery on wood since this is the preservation of our traditions and history. Stitching is my hobby. But I have never tried doing it on wood. You won't see this anywhere else.

Nadezhda Egeazaryan, student:
Each ornament means something, this is some kind of symbol. The symbol of goodness and love. This is a symbol of family. This means well-being.