Belarus, Poland discuss cooperation matters in Warsaw on October 10


Belarus, Poland discuss cooperation matters in Warsaw on October 10

Rapprochement and openness. Principles of cooperation of Belarus and Poland were discussed October 10 by the foreign ministers of the two countries. Vladimir Makei is on a working visit to Warsaw.

A quarter of a century ago a Declaration on Good-neighborliness, mutual recognition and co-operation between the states was signed. Now Belarus and Poland are on the threshold of a new quality of relations, where there is no room for any distrust.

The foreign ministers discussed the future development of the bilateral economic cooperation and the situation in the region. They also talked about what is happening in NATO and the problems in the European Union. Another topic was border traffic between Belarus and Poland.

Witold Waszczykowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland:
Visa-free decisions or opening of local border traffic are decisions taken by the central government - the European Union. A few years ago we signed an agreement with Belarus on local border traffic. We are ready to come to an understanding, but we need some more technical harmonization - reforms at border crossings. We've been talking for many years, we are ready to support Belarus, we are ready to upgrade the crossing points that connect us. Also, we are ready, if we get some concrete proposals for specific projects, to support them at EU level, so that the EU supports the initiative, joins the modernization of a checkpoint as a European external border. There is no difficulty on our part, we expect only a desire on the