Hearing diagnosis in infants: New technologies in Belarus' maternity hospitals

Hearing diagnosis in infants: New technologies in Belarus' maternity hospitals

Belarussian maternity hospitals have successfully implemented a technology allowing checking newborns' hearing. This diagnosis can be made on the third-fifth day of life. Thus one can early find out pathology in children.

About 500 kids are born in this maternity hospital monthly. All of them undergo audiological screening.

Pathology is detected in only one percent of kids, but this is more valuable than gold for the parents. Most often, hearing loss requires instant intervention.

Lyubov Litvinyuk, head of neonatal department, Brest Regional Maternity Hospital:
Child's hearing and body develop gradually. And when the child is already 7-10 years and parents finally realize he does not hear properly, and therefore is not receiving enough information, then these implants don't help. They do not give the desired effect. Implantation should be performed when a child is up to three years.

Luyba is a young mother. Her baby is just three days and it means it's time for an important medical test.

Lyuba Stenina, young mother:
Often it happens that a child simply does not hear, does not receive the information but instead he is diagnosed with intelligence problems. This is due to incorrect diagnosis.

Since the beginning of 2016, 46 newborns of the Brest regional hospital did not pass the so-called otoacoustic test. Another part are at risk. All of the kids are being watched by specialists, who are sure that they will be able to help these kids to hear the world in all its colors.