Four Belarusians into IIHF Council


Four Belarusians into IIHF Council

The Council of the International Ice Hockey Federation now includes four representatives of Belarus.

Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation (FHRB) Sergei Goncharov now heads the referee committee of the IIHF, FHRB General Secretary Yaroslav Zavgorodny has become a member of the Committee of Youth and Youth Hockey and FHRB Athletic Director Alexander Khromylyov has been elected member of the IIHF's evaluation committee.

For Belarusian functionaries, it is an opportunity to not only gain new experience but also share their own knowledge with countries where ice hockey is developed less than in Belarus.

Yaroslav Zavgorodny, Secretary General of FHRB:
We tried to get into the evaluation committee because we are going to apply for the World Championship, we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses, to understand how the structure of choice within the International Federation works. The number of representatives from different countries has declined. We have been able, on the contrary, to significantly increase our representation. And, in fact, we will have four representatives of Belarus in international committees. A chairman of the FHRB has entered an ad hoc working group of the president of the International Federation, which certainly speaks of trust on the part of the International Federation and opens up new opportunities for us.