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Half of Belarus' budget expenses to be earmarked for social policy in 2017

Representatives of the House of Representatives have adopted the draft budget for 2017 in the second reading. It was approved by a majority vote. 

State revenues were approved in the amount of more than BYN18 billion, expenses over BYN16 billion.

Over 40% of planned revenues will come from value-added tax.

Valery Borodenya, member of the Budget and Finance Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus: 
Globally we did not redraw the budget, because a lot of work has been done from April 2016. This work was carried out jointly with the deputies. We took into account the wishes of many members of our committee. Therefore, we did not need any serious amendments. I think that this is just our achievement, that we are working together, all authorities. And that we can negotiate not only in the Oval Hall but during meetings of working committees.

More than half of spending will be directed to the development of the social sphere. Payroll will increase by 9%.

One-third of the budget will go to state programs. The main priority in education is to support the development of innovative approaches. In health, the main thing is affordability and quality.

Social guarantees will require BYN1.2 billion.

Soft loans for housing construction will remain in 2017.

Half of budget expenses to be earmarked for social policy in Belarus in 2017