Belarusian student about studying in China

Belarusian student about studying in China

Students of the Belarusian State University (BSU) have an opportunity to study abroad. Ekaterina shared her experience of studying in China.

What brought you to China?

I was attending courses of the Chinese language in the Institute of Journalism that has an agreement with the university in China. I was studying Chinese from October till May. However, the exam was held in February, so after four months of courses, it was clear who can go to China. The courses weren’t very expensive, I paid about USD 200 per two semesters. There wasn’t high competition, because this program was held for the first time, and everybody thought that they might waste their money for nothing.

I went to China, because I wanted to see such a far country. We had to study four hours a day, we had a scholarship and a free dormitory.

The Chinese language is hard for me and I’m not sure where I will use it later. However, it is said that Chinese is on a high demand in some information agencies. Also, there is a chance to go to study in China or Europe at the university connected with the Asian studies.

What was your first impression about China?

My first impression wasn’t very pleasant. We arrived in Beijing, where it was dirty and gloomy, and Chinese people were sleeping on the floor, and we were extremely tired. I want to go to Beijing once again to see it in the daylight. However, I liked Kaifeng, the city I’m studying at, very much.