Xi Jinping to Alexander Lukashenko: "I am very pleased that our agreements are being effectively implemented"


Xi Jinping to Alexander Lukashenko: "I am very pleased that our agreements are being effectively implemented"

On the foundation of mutual benefit and strong friendship. Such atmosphere reigned at the meeting of the Belarusian and Chinese presidents on September 29 in Beijing.

In a confidential atmosphere Alexander Lukashenko and Xi Jinping talked for about an hour. And, despite the fact that the leaders regularly exchange visits, they do find lots of topics to discuss. After all, the relations of the strategic partners are developing dynamically and are being raised to a new level.

The unprecedented high status of the interaction of the states is recorded in the joint declaration, which was signed by the leaders after the talks.

The People's Political Consultative Council of China includes the most experienced politicians, experts and scientists. This is a kind of council of elders and "the best political minds". Without them important decisions are not taken.

Mr. Yu Zhengsheng is the head of the council. Belarusian-Chinese relations are monitored here, too.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am pleased to meet you because you represent an organization that is a reflection of moods and ideas in this great China, in this vast country. I know that the most experienced and honored people are working with you. And it gives weight to your organization.

Over the last 2.5 decades of relations with China, we have reached the degree of confidence in our dialogue and relations in general. The PRC probably does not have a higher degree of relations with anyone, which we appreciate.

Yu Chzhenshen, Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference:
The friendly attitude of the Belarusian leader to China contributes more to the development of bilateral relations and multifaceted cooperation. Under your strong leadership Belarus has preserved political stability and social cohesion.

China can count on the promotion of its interests in Europe, said Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

This is another influential Chinese politician - the third person in the state - head of the legislative branch.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I got familiar with China a very long time ago. Perhaps 25 years ago. I knew and know China well, I've been not only in Beijing and Shanghai, but even in some villages. I saw Chinese people, different people. And I can tell you that in recent years (which is over 25 years), China has made a huge leap forward in its development. For over 20 years we have built our relations.

We have been going to those heights in the relations between Belarus and China for 20 years.

And today we can say that we have reached a very high level of cooperation between the two states. We built this relationship brick by brick and we have achieved mutual trust. And for us, and especially for the head of the People's Republic of China, it is the most important element. We have achieved this, we appreciate that in Belarus.

And you need to be sure that there, in the center of Europe, 6,500 kilometers away, you have a springboard with which you can advance your interests in Europe.

The most hi-tech region is now Europe. You can count on us. We will do everything to ensure that your interests are represented on the European continent.

Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress:
The Chinese side is considering you as a close friend. And we are ready to make further efforts to promote bilateral cooperation.

Before meeting with Xi Jinping, Alexander Lukashenko was greeted by Chinese children with flowers in their hands. According to Chinese standards it is like bread and salt in Belarus - a sign of the highest respect.

The basis of the relations of China and Belarus is pragmatic economy. China is today the world's number one. Belarus is an open, but, above all, reliable window to Europe. Today, the two-way road needs to be expanded.

Alexander Lukashenko:
It really has become a good tradition for us to meet several times a year. I am happy today to see you in your home country, this is a great time, as you said, the golden autumn. After your visit to Belarus in May 2015, we have worked very hard on the joint promotion of the initiatives we discussed in Minsk, and above all the economic belt of the Silk Road. During this period, we have actively carried out business contacts between our countries.

Since September 2015 alone, there have taken place more than 40 visits to China of Belarusian delegations headed by the leaders of the government, regions, large companies.

In turn, Belarus has also been visited by a huge number of delegations of state and party authorities of the PRC of both central and regional level, representatives of the Chinese business community. We really have made serious progress in the direction of our cooperation.

Xi Jinping is today called one of the most influential politicians in the world, and this is also according to US media. It acts boldly and decisively on the principle "China is here and now." The construction of the "Silk Road" is the most ambitious project of modern times. And Belarus is sure to play an important role here.

Xi Jinping, chairman of the Chinese People's Republic:
I am very glad to see that the agreement reached by us are being effectively implemented. We are willing to work with you to engage in common planning of the further development of bilateral relations to give them a new impetus for the benefit of our peoples.

And probably the most important political result of the day. Belarus is one of the four closest global partners of China.

Until now, Russia, the United Kingdom and Pakistan have held this status. The heads of state personally signed the document with a special mark "confidential, comprehensive, strategic and mutually beneficial" cooperation.

So, today is the day of restart of Belarusian-Chinese relations. 30 documents are ready for signing.

The two states now declare the new format of the economy. This is transition from credit cooperation - when China funded projects - to investment cooperation. Those Chinese who are ready to do business in Belarus will come to us.

Belarus is also going to increase its presence in China by opening the Consulate General in Guangzhou.

This is the richest region, and its GDP is comparable with an average European state. Green light opens for Belarusian beef producers in the vast Chinese market: a series of joint projects are being launched by producers of the two countries. A large Chinese company will help transport Chinese tourists to Belarus.

Vitaly Vovk, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus:
We are signing a road map with the company Zoomlion; it is going to cooperate with Minsk Automobile Plant, Gomselmash, MTZ. In the long term cooperation is also possible with BelAZ. We plan to manufacture sections for tower cranes. We plan to establish a Gomselmash assembly production in the Republic of Belarus and the People's Republic of China.

The President of Belarus also bestowed on Xi Jinping the Order for Strengthening Peace and Friendship.