Alexander Lukashenko to Xi Jinping: We've made really serious progress in our cooperation


Alexander Lukashenko to Xi Jinping: We've made really serious progress in our cooperation

Relations between Belarus and China are developing dynamically and are being raised to a new level. This was the topic of the September 29 talks of Alexander Lukashenko and President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping.

The two leaders talked to each other for about an hour.

And despite the fact that the sides exchange visits regularly, they always find topics to discuss. Today, the two countries appreciate the high level of cooperation. Since September 2015 alone, more than 40 visits to China of the Belarusian delegations took place.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It really has become a good tradition for us to meet several times a year. I am sincerely glad to see you today at your home in a wonderful time, as you said, the golden autumn. After your visit to Belarus in May 2015, we have worked very hard on the joint promotion of the initiatives we discussed in Minsk, and above all the economic belt of the Silk Road. During this period, we have actively carried out business contacts between our countries. Since September 2015 alone, there have taken place more than 40 visits to China of Belarusian delegations headed by the leaders of the government, regions, large companies. In turn, Belarus was also visited by a huge number of delegations of state and party authorities of the PRC of both central and regional level, representatives of the Chinese business community. We really have made serious progress in our cooperation.

The two leaders have signed a declaration of comprehensive strategic partnership.

Also, Alexander Lukashenko bestowed on Xi Jinping the Order For peace and Friendship.

This award is new and this is the first time it has been bestowed.