Vladimir Amarin: Belarus' cooperation with China is acquiring credit and investment nature

Vladimir Amarin: Belarus' cooperation with China is acquiring credit and investment nature

During the current state visit of the Belarus President to China the two nations plan to sign about 30 documents in all areas.

On the eve of the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko a Belarusian delegation composed of members of government, heads of ministries and departments, directors of major industrial enterprises arrived in the capital of China. They already have held a number of fruitful meetings and talks with Chinese partners.

Igor Pozniak, CTV:
China, being a giant of the world economy, remains a cautious partner. It has only 20 states in the list of so-called "strategic partners." It's just a tenth of the political world map. But Belarus is already among the favorites.

Vladimir Amarin, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Belarus:
Now our cooperation is acquiring credit and investment nature. As part of the forthcoming visit of the head of state a number of documents will be signed. Among them is the agreement on the procedure for cooperation in the establishment of the Chinese-Belarusian investment fund between the Chinese company CITIC Construction, the Ministry of Finance and Belarusbank.

The sides are going to sign a memorandum with China's Eximbank on concessional lending to five engineering and agribusiness projects.

This is a kind of transition from credit cooperation, when China allocated money for projects, to truly investment cooperation. That means we are waiting for those who are willing to do business in Belarus.

Nikolai Snopkov, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Foreign direct investment from China in the past five-year periods increased by 10 times, that is, forward movement is obvious. Therefore, this visit will be marked by transition from the credit and investment cooperation to actual direct investments. Earlier we were 'testing' each other and preferred credit and investment cooperation.

Time has come for interpenetration of businesses.

China today is doing a major reboot. Not only is that country skillfully reshaping the economic map of the world, but it also puts new domestic priorities. Among them is granting more opportunities for the private sector.

Belarus has its pragmatic interest here too.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
We have switched to investment activity with our Chinese partners. We are signing an agreement along with which the Investment Bank will allocate resources to Chinese companies to ensure that they become part of the investment capital of Belarusian companies, Belarusian enterprises. And also resources for greenfield projects.

Such an agreement is worth about $5 billion.

Food has been a business area for centuries. For Belarus, this area is among the most profitable. Chinese exporters have already confirmed the quality of Belarusian foodstuffs.

From September, opportunities for Belarus in the Chinese market have increased.

Leonid Zayats, Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus:
At present, the Chinese market is open for 34 dairy enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. We are further working on six companies of meat industry and one child nutrition company. Therefore, we are expanding the range of products we deliver to the Chinese market.

Igor Pozniak:
This familiar accessory for any resident of Beijing is not needed today. The famous Beijing smog reduced significantly thanks to fresh breeze, and the metropolis with 20-million population can be clearly seen many kilometers in any direction.

Clarity and purity are also features of Belarusian-Chinese relations.

The main political intrigue - the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and Xi Jinping - will be resolved tomorrow. On September 29, leaders will shake hands here in Beijing.