Belarusian Jerusalem: Pilgrims come to Radun to commemorate Chofetz Chaim

Belarusian Jerusalem: Pilgrims come to Radun to commemorate Chofetz Chaim

New pages of old friendship. Belarusians and Jews continue to be bound by the ties of common history. Less than a year ago, visa regime was cancelled between Belarus and Israel, which gave impetus to the development of closer relations between the countries and peoples.

On 27 September, representatives of the world's Jewish community gathered in the Grodno region to honor the memory of the philosopher, rabbi and spiritual leader of the Jewish people Chofetz Chaim.

Urban village Radun is a sacred place for the Jews. It is sometimes called "Belarusian Jerusalem".

The greatest preacher of his time, a man of unique knowledge, Chofetz Chaim is treated by Jews with special reverence. Although it is not his name but the name of the book the Rabbi, a native of the Belarusian land, wrote anonymously. In Judaism, it is considered the second most important after the Torah.

The spiritual leader of the Jews lived in this village, where he founded Raduń Yeshiva, which is now famous all over the world. It was considered the best in Eastern Europe. Every year, hundreds of Jews come from abroad to the Grodno region on the day of Chofetz Chaim's death.

This place is known by miracles of healing.

Netanel Mamo, a pilgrim (Israel):
To come to Belarus has now become much easier. Even last year, it was impossible to enter without a visa, and this year the border crossing procedure has been greatly simplified. And it's very nice that the locals receive guests with great cordiality.

Before the Second World War, many Jews lived in Belarus. Scary Holocaust forced many to seek refuge in other countries. Now the descendants of immigrants from these places are looking for history of their roots here.

Natali Bermont, director of a travel agency:
Many people come here and find homes where their relatives lived. And during all Jewish holidays many go not only to the sea, many also come to Belarus to have a rest.