Belarus President to visit China 28 September, over 30 deals at stake

Belarus President to visit China 28 September, over 30 deals at stake

President Alexander Lukashenko on September 28 will go on a state visit to China. The two countries, despite the distance, have long been old friends and strategic partners.

Dozens of successful projects implemented jointly prove it. The CTV crew is already working in Beijing.

Igor Pozniak, CTV:
The country, in front of the seven billion earthlings, is literally altering the conventional economic geography of the world. And inside all this incredible intersection of interests of China is Belarus. The next three days here in Beijing will definitely be crucial to the Belarusian-Chinese relations.

This will be the 9th visit of Alexander Lukashenko to China and the status of the visit, "state", indicates very serious intentions of Belarus.

Relations between the two countries are 25 years old, but it is the recent few years that have been the most crucial.

China is starting the transcontinental project "Economic belt of the Silk Road." Its essence is fast, easy and reliable way to the European market.

Commercial trains cover these 10,000 kilometers in 16 days. The first such train was met in Belarusian Kolyadichi in May 2016.

The Belarusian-Chinese industrial park "Great Stone" in this way is an important crossroads, the pearl of the Silk Road, according to Xi Jinping. Such convenient logistics in unique for Europe.

The benefit is obvious for Belarus and China.

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A prelude to the negotiations at the highest level is the international exhibition "EXPO China-Eurasia". It is underway in Urumqi. Belarus has the status of the main guest of honor here.

The task of businessmen is to pave the way for the signing of agreements: there will be about 30 of them in Beijing.

Behind these deals are interests of Belarusian producers. If we do not miss the opportunity, we will get billions in profits.

Igor Pozniak:
The main political intrigue is the outcome of the talks between Alexander Lukashenko and Xi Jinping. It is possible that the head of China will remember the same tree that he himself planted in Minsk, at the Palace of Independence in 2015. Well, as we know, the seed in fertile ground will surely give seedlings.