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New life of people escaping war: Language training course opens in Brest

Millions of people around the world are forced to leave their homes in the search of a peaceful life. Among them, there are some people who chose Belarus as a country with secure future, they found a job here, found a family, and the most important thing is that they were able to forget about the horrors of the war.

To help them quickly adapt to the new environment a language training course for refugees opened in Brest. There is a person from Afghanistan and a person from Eritrea among the pupils.

The knowledge of the Russian language is essential for refugees. It's much easier to adapt to a new environment.

The language training course created with the support of the UN starts with learning the basics.

Shazaman left Afghanistan a year ago. He was fleeing the country because of the terrorism. His country suffers from the activity of such radical groups as the Taliban and the ISIS. He hopes to start a new life with his family in Belarus.

Tesfa from Eritrea has similar story and he hopes not only to find a job but also to find a fiancée in Belarus.

However, for now, they need to learn Russian. They have three classes of Russian a week. In addition, they will have homework and tests. Shazaman and Tesfa haven’t skipped any classes. Probably, the Russian language will become a part of other refugees’ lives.

New life of people escaping war: Language training course opens in Brest