Belarus to create active longevity center

Belarus to create active longevity center

Belarus' main demographic threats are high male mortality, obesity and lack of motivation of many citizens to lead healthy lifestyle. A meeting was held in Minsk to discuss how to save the health of the population and ensure demographic security.

Today in Belarus, men's life expectancy is shorter than that of women, while the mortality rate is almost four times higher compared with the EU's average.

The main reasons are alcohol, smoking and careless attitude to their own health. For example, men account for only 15% of people attending preventive examinations.

Dmitry Pinevich, First Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
Do you need high-priced tickets to just get up and walk 3 kilometers? No, you don't. But on the other hand it is also important to have those facilities available and ensure they are affordable, including at schools. And it is becoming not only fashionable but relevant. To lead a healthy lifestyle is just great, isn't it?

From early 2017, a center of active longevity will open at the Republican Clinical Hospital of Great Patriotic War Veterans named after Masherov.

Its main task is to develop and implement methods that will increase the average life expectancy and teach people to preserve health and physical activity.

This will be facilitated by the modified system of medical examinations. They will be treated individually, depending on a person's health conditions. The list of mandatory visits to certain doctors will be changed, too.