Rosselkhoznadzor bans 19 tons shipment of Belarusian cheese

Rosselkhoznadzor bans 19 tons shipment of Belarusian cheese

Russian sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor didn’t allow the large shipment of Belarusian cheese from Mogilev enterprises.

The whole fuss wasn’t about the quality of the products. There were some complains about the documentation. Today, Rosselkhoznadzor is not satisfied with the products of 42 Belarusian enterprises producing dairy and meat products.

The ban is now on the Belarusian dairy products because of some papers.

At the same time, Belarus increased its export to Russia, in accordance with their obligations to increase supplies to Russia to mitigate the effects of the embargo on Western products.

Alexei Bogdanov, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus:
We are fulfilling our fraternal duties. We can only guess why there were some those restrictions. Probably, it suits somebody’s interests. There used to be much less restrictions concerning the documentation.

Kalinkovichi dairy factory has supplied the Russian market for a long time. Their products weren’t allowed into the country because of the paperwork. Now, Rosselkhoznadzor is reluctant to resume shipments of their products, despite the fact that the milk powder of the factory in Kalinkovichi won a grand prix at the conference of the Eurasian Economic Union.