Belarus President hands out state awards to 40 outstanding people


Belarus President hands out state awards to 40 outstanding people

On September 8, the President handed out state awards in the Palace of Independence.

About 40 people from different spheres and regions gathered in the Palace of Independence. Most of the awardees are engineers and military officers, because they were responsible for the appearance of the rocket and missile engineering, a new field in Belarus. The President expressed gratitude to doctors, scientists, teachers and workers.

In his speech, Alexander Lukashenko highlighted that together Belarusians could achieve great results.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Today, we are meeting on the occasion of a very important event for you. It’s also the reason to remember that peace, well-being and confidence in the future are the most important values for Belarusians. Today, we reward those who protect the borders of our country, protect the health of people, make a significant contribution to the economic security of the state. We want our children to live on our piece of land, a relatively small one. We want them to live in a secure country that we are living at the moment. That's the problem that we want to solve. Moreover, we want people to be richer. However, it doesn’t depend only on the state. It depends on every person. We are the people who got used to live together, to defend our country together and work together. If someone wants to create something outstanding, we can help him. If someone wants to have a piece of land, to cultivate bread there, we can help him. However, someone wants to work in a team as, for instance, our engineers. They came together when we need it. All the schools were destroyed after the fall the USSR, and we needed a lot of efforts to find these smart and talented people. The new generation should follow their example. Therefore, I am pleased to meet with people who protect our country with courage and heroism, and save our people.

The award ceremony was held in a very warm atmosphere. Receiving state awards and honorary titles is a symbol of great respect to the merits of Belarusians.