How Belarusian-Chinese business resumes its natural course and why there is Chinese character near MAZ abbreviation

How Belarusian-Chinese business resumes its natural course and why there is Chinese character near MAZ abbreviation

About the future of the machines with the logo MAZ. Three letters are not enough, and there will appear a Chinese character. Maybe then, great Belarusian machines will become as popular as the Great Wall of China.

These machines are legends. New models with the logo MAZ could appear on the pedestal. And in the chronicle of the automobile plant, Chinese characters may appear. This will help factory workers to learn new technologies and understand the notion of export diversification.

It is said that China can produce everything. However, they don’t have such machines. These machines are what the world market needs.

The Chinese company Zoomlion has created a number of samples of equipment on MAZ chassis.

Construction cranes, street cleaners, fire trucks are produced by the Belarusian-Chinese enterprise will take cargo machine building to new heights.

Beijing and Minsk are united by the mutual benefit. For China, Belarus is a beneficial start for their expansion in two directions: the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union. For Minsk, Beijing is a source of investment. The choice of Chine is very thoughtful. China chose Belarus, because the country has industrial potential and quality control.

Jie Fu Wang, vice president of an engineering corporation (China):
Your plants have great history. We are well familiar with Belarusian machines. We are satisfied with the quality control system, so we want to work with you.   

By the way, the cooperation of the Belarusian and Chinese regions is the tendency in the relations between Minsk and Beijing.

Hu Henhua, head of the delegation of the People's Government of Hunan Province, mayor of government of the central city of Changsha (China):
Regional cooperation should be developing between Belarus and China. We already have pilot projects in the Republic of Belarus. For example, the company Zoomlion has been working in your country for more than a year.

An example to follow are regular summits. After government negotiations turnover and the number of new joint ventures usually increase. During the Great Stone meeting in September 2015 alone, 50 documents were signed.  

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our countries and our peoples are bound by sincere friendship and fruitful cooperation in various fields. During the 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations Belarus and China have come a long way towards each other. There are no closed topics between us. We became strategic partners and we continue to move forward. 

Nearest-term plans are the following. After a year, Belarus' company MAZ will supply to China 100 vehicles. After three years, there will be ten times as many vehicles shipped.  As many as 75% of shares of the Belarusian-Chinese enterprise belongs to China. Belarus holds the blocking stake.