From economy and politics to culture and food products: cooperation between Belarus and Kaliningrad

From economy and politics to culture and food products: cooperation between Belarus and Kaliningrad

Belarusians like Georgia as well. It is estimated that Belarusians are among 10 frequent visitors of Georgia. They are attracted by mountains and the sea. However, the closest sea that Belarusians can go to without visa is situated not in Batumi but in Kaliningrad. Belarusians go on vacations to Kaliningrad. Also, they work and live there. Belarusian products are very popular in Kaliningrad, and people call Belarus’ President “Batka” (Father). There is also a public garden of the friendship between Belarus and Kaliningrad.

The western city of Russia is surrounded by European countries, but they are just doing business and nothing more. In the mean time, Belarus is closer to Kaliningrad, in every sense of the word, than Russia.

Kaliningrad has a great history, and Belarusians made a great contribution to the city. They were the first people who came to Kaliningrad to restore it after the war. Afterwards, the fishing industry started to develop there. According to the data, a lot of people came from Belarus to became sailors.

In the Kaliningrad region, one person out of ten is a Belarusian, and the majority of them come from the Brest region. People are trying to convert the geographical proximity into the economic benefit.

Belarusians entered Kaliningrad’s market of the construction business.

Belarus was always trying to develop the cooperation with Kaliningrad. All in all, the turnover of goods has increased by three times for the last four years.

Belarusians are selling even fish to Kaliningrad residents. However, the main product involved in the turnover is cement.

Almost every large construction is connected with Belarus, because they use Belarusian materials for the construction most of the time. Moreover, Belarusians built a thermal power plant in Kaliningrad.

In addition, Belarusians were the ones who helped Kaliningrad with transportation. There weren’t enough drivers and buses. Now, 50 Belarusian drivers are working there, and 130 of their buses are produced by MAZ.

However, the thing that Kaliningrad residents like the most are Belarusian food products. The day when one more shop with Belarusian products opens is considered a happy day.

Besides, people of Kaliningrad express their gratitude to Belarusian doctors. Their professionalism and humanity helped many Kaliningrad residents.

All in all, Belarus and Kaliningrad managed to established the cooperation that is beneficial for both sides.