Ceremony Minsk Citizen of Year takes place in Belarus on September 3

Ceremony Minsk Citizen of Year takes place in Belarus on September 3

The ceremony Minsk Citizen of the year was held on September 3. As many as 13 residents of the capital received this honorary title for their great personal contribution to the development of the city.

They are representatives of completely different professions: doctors, teachers, law enforcement officers, managers and businessmen.

Among the awardees is Alexey Novikov. The trolleybus driver has been delivering Minsk residents to their places of work every morning for 34 years. He has covered nearly a million kilometers of city routes.

Today, he assures that would never change his profession.

Alexey Novikov, driver of trolleybus park No2:
Interesting work, very interesting! You sit watching TV. You see how people walk, look, how they are dressed and the fashion is out there, outside! People rushing to work, the city is waking up. It is very interesting.
You are responsible for people you carry. The traffic is very heavy and complex today. Attention, attention, attention.

Galina Yelinskaya is a woman who breaks all the stereotypes. She is the one responsible for solving crimes in the city. She is on duty every day without holidays and weekends. She came to the ceremony not from home, but from her work place.

Galina Elinskaya, Deputy Head of Investigation Department, Head of the Department for the investigation of crimes against person and public security of the Investigation Committee of Belarus:
Of course, a number of crimes draw a wide public response. However, people are writing about the crime itself, but never about the work of our department. Nobody knows how hard it is to solve a crime. Yesterday I expressed my gratitude to all my employees, because they depend on me and I depend on them.

Alexey Novikov and Galina Yelinskaya are among the best of the best. As many as 13 awardees were chosen from 100 candidates.

Everybody is nervous before the ceremony. When asked about their secret of success, people answer that the main key to success is hard work and desire to change the world for the better.

The honoured title Minsk Citizen of the Year has been awarded in the capital since 2001. Since then, 203 Minsk residents have received this award.

The recognition of the hard work at this high level is priceless.

However, the awardees are not going to back off. The chronicle of modern Minsk consists of the achievements of such people.