Life of Kirill of Turov

Life of Kirill of Turov

Kirill of Turov, the famous son of the Belarusian lands, was a preacher, educator, religious leader and writer. His name is well-known both in Belarus and abroad thanks to his spiritual deeds. Kirill of Turov was one of the most prominent people of the time. He was a humble monk, talented theologian and spiritual guide.

There is not much information left about the life of Kirill of Turov. It is known that his life started in the 30s of the 12th century in Turov. This town was known as one of the centers of education. The most ancient book of Belarus the Gospel of Turov was written there.

The life of Kirill of Turov contains one more interesting fact. Supposedly, he was born in a wealthy family, but money wasn’t interesting for the boy. He got education at his father’s home, then he studied at the monastery in Turov. His decision to become a monk was influenced by his willingness to understand biblical texts more deeply. He was a preacher at the monastery. Moreover, he became acquainted with the works of Greek authors that significantly contributed to the success of his first literary works.

The high level of education, great eloquence, a righteous life made the young monk very famous. However, the soul demanded more. Therefore, Kirill of Tuurov became a pillar-saint. For some time, he isolated himself in the tower on the river Pripyat and devoted his time to thoughts and prayers. By the way, he created a substantial part of his stories, messages and teachings there.

During that time, Kirill of Turov became a very famous writer. People learnt his works by heart. Afterwards, he became a bishop.

Kirill of Turov passed away in 1190. Few years after his death, the panegyric was created in his name.

The oldest manuscripts that were preserved till the present day date back to the 13th century. And it's worth mentioning that they were copied and distributed not only during the time when Kirill of Turov lived. Nowadays, his works continue to be reprinted.