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Treatment with bees' biomagnetic field in Belarus: unusual 'bee house' appears in Grodno

In any case, doctors agree on one thing: you should first of all think well and then go to the pharmacy.

The design of the hives resembles a village bathhouse. Made from a frame, it has two benches and a table inside. Its function is the same - healing relaxation. The healing substance is the biomagnetic field of bees.

Six hives are installed under sunbeds. Above them is netting with wooden planks - so the bees will not disturb the visitor with personal contact. They will give you pleasant buzz and slight vibration of the bench.

The bee house's air is full of honey, propolis, pollen and flower aromas. The sweet smell not only immediately takes you to the country of dreams, but also revitalizes the entire body.

Elena Shostak, physician, reflexologist of the Grodno Regional Hospital:
In conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, i.e. diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, these substances are very useful. But in general every person, even a healthy one, can come and relax.

It turns out that apitherapy is an ancient method of treatment. Today we take medicines and pills to get rid of various diseases, but for example in China, people long ago found that hive air is healing.

Treatment with bees' biomagnetic field: unusual "bee house" appears in Grodno