Interesting facts about famous Belarusian educator Francysk Skaryna

Interesting facts about famous Belarusian educator Francysk Skaryna

Belarusian educator, humanist, scientist, physician, writer, and artist - all this is our famous countryman, Francysk Skaryna. Unfortunately, not all of his biography has reached our days.

The exact date of birth of the great educator is still unknown. It is believed that he was born between 1485 and 1490. The place of his birth is a town of Polotsk. Many facts point to the fact that his father was a wealthy merchant, Luka Skaryna. Parents instilled in Francysk love to Belarusian lands and thirst for knowledge as a child. In his own home, he learned to read and write. 

Skaryna got his first higher education in the Krakow University. There are preserved documents, which date back to 1504. Among those who entered the university that year is the name of our famous countryman. There is speculation that after graduating Skaryna served as secretary to the Danish king from 1506 on 1512.

From 1517, Francysk Skaryna was in Prague. Here he began to study the technique of printing and engraving, as well as met with Czech freshly printed biblical books and thoroughly mastered the Hebrew language, which he later used him to translate the Bible. Here Skaryna begins his printing business.

The first printed book was the Slavic Psalms. From that time in 1517 to 1519 he printed 22 Biblical books, where in the preface he wrote: "I, Frantishek, Skorina's son from Polotsk, knowing that without the fear of God, without wisdom, and without the kind behavior people cannot godly live on earth, decided to print Proverbs in Russian above all to the glory and honor of the God and then for ordinary people, so that they get accustomed to good practice, so that they learn wisdom and live faithfully in this world glorifying the merciful God." 

Thus, Francysk Skaryna tried to make the Bible understandable to every reader. In addition, all of the books issued were decorated with beautiful engravings. These activities required enormous courage from the publisher. And here let's turn to yet another controversial moment of his biography - religion.

By the beginning of the 1520s, Francysk Skaryna goes to Vilnius. Here he opens a printing press and publishes two more books: "Small roadside booklet" and "The Apostle." In addition, associated with Vilnius is another interesting fact from the biography of Skaryna. Many researchers believe that here Francysk married Margaret Advernik from whom he had two sons - Francysk and Simon. 

However, not everyone agrees with this version. The reason for that is Skaryna's portrait, located in the University of Padua, in the "Hall of the Forty." Looking at it, it can be concluded that Skaryna was a black monk and thus one cannot even talk about children in this case. But in fact, this portrait was drawn in 1942, the artist painted it in an abstract way and did not use any sources. 

This is why the descendants of Skaryna are very real. One of them is our contemporary - Canadian Stanislav Stanley Skaryna continued a medical cause of his great ancestor.

There are unconfirmed reports that he died. He even got to visit the Belarusian land, in 1990, he came to glorious Polotsk.

The biography of Francysk Skaryna is hiding many more secrets. But we know the main thing: his name is associated with a great intellectual event in the life of the Belarusian people and all Eastern Slavs - the publication at the beginning of the 16th century of a large part of the Bible.