Minsk City Technopark opening new complex of buildings with new jobs and unique opportunities

Minsk City Technopark opening new complex of buildings with new jobs and unique opportunities

New offices and production development. Minsk Technopark is opening a complex of buildings, with new jobs and unique opportunities. The Technopark is now working with almost 30 residents. These are companies working in different directions. Starting from laser technology to aircraft construction.

This multi-purpose device heals veins, crushes stones and removes tumors. The product is bought abroad in great numbers but there are few buyers in Belarus. For some unknown reason.

Alexander Lobanevsky, director of a company developing and manufacturing surgical laser equipment:
Most doctors want machinery imported from the West. Despite the fact that we have technologies that are superior to Western counterparts. And have long been producing it and selling for foreign companies.

These sights are widely used in the Belarusian army.  The equipment corresponds to foreign analogues and in some ways is superior to the latter.

Vasily Kachalov, chief designer of the company for the production of optical and electronic systems:
Perhaps no one in the Republic of Belarus and in Russia has so compact night vision devices. Above all, the main option is 300 meters at night.

This company promotes the idea of ​​lean manufacturing. Inspired by the example of Japan, they have introduced a principle: maximum benefits with minimum losses.

Yuri Tetersky, head of production:
Each section has its own production target. It is here. And we insert such cards. If the card is red, it means the operation has already been completed. If green, then this operation is due.

A good report can save time and money later on. And there are about 30 such enterprises with innovations in the industrial park. Residents, some kind of club of resourceful entrepreneurs, brought to the treasury of Minsk 85 billion non-redenominated Belarusian rubles in H1 2016.

Vladimir Davidovich, director of the Minsk City Technopark:
About a third of products are exported. The share is increasing. And we work hard to exceed 50%.

Low rent and great potential is luring entrepreneurs. The city industrial park is getting bigger with each passing year. Now the technopark is commissioning two new buildings. In late October 2016, the area will be 7,500 square meters larger.